Week 53 - I want too!

3:33 PM

Hey everybody okay I gotta write this email quickly.  Sorry but I have good pics to send.  Okay well I'm past a year!  Crazy!  The sisters from my group ate lunch together after zone training on Friday so that was fun!  Also Sister Sheffield came on an exchange this week and it was awesome to be in the same house again even if it was just a day. It was fun to catch up with her and talk about Sister Harris too haha.  Right now our investigator is doing awesome!  The other day I was talking with her and asked if her grandma, Sister Nit and I were to stop reminding her to read, pray, etc would she still choose to do those things. And she said, "yeah, I want to do them" she said it in a way that seemed like she was surprised I even asked. Her reply brought so much happiness to my heart. it's so important to me that investigators don't feel forced into anything cause that completely misses the point. Missionary work is about helping others choose to qualify for eternal life not just getting them to the baptismal font. I know this work is good and true, and I love it. I love to see people change, and I'm grateful for my Savior and that that change is possible. Have a great week! 
Sister Semones 

 MTC Group - Celebrating 1 year
Sis. Loftis, Sis. Semones, Sis. Schwab and Sis. Collins
 Sister Loftis and Semones 1 year

 Great group of Sister Missionaries

Sister Christensen and President Christensen (love these 2 soooo much)
 Companions - Sister Nit and Semones

working on family history

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