Week 54 - trying to get strong

3:36 PM

Hi Family and friends, 
I'm glad everyone's been having a good summer! My week I promise was not as eventful but alright none the less. This week I've actually been at the mission home and Sister Training Leaders house cause I've been sick again!  First the ameba then some bad food poisoning = pain, no energy, and  no strength what so ever but this week I just wanted to say how grateful I am for God's plan.  Some time with Sister Larsen and Sheffield is just want I needed.  Heavenly Father knew that and made an empty spot in their schedule a week before all this occurred. They were suppose to have a baptism (the hour I was having a really hard time), but the Bishop forgot to announce it the Sunday before.  Instead of correcting the Bishop they decided It was fine to wait and have her baptism on Pioneer Day (which their investigator was thrilled about). They didn't know why they felt fine about changing the date till they were comforting me. AND I AM SO GRATEFUL! Both for them and especially my Heavenly Father. Even though this transfer has been hard health wise I'm learning a lot, and I'm grateful.  
Okay sorry I don't have much time to write. I did go on some exchanges with others to give the STL so time to go out so I do have a few pics.  
Love you guys! 
Sister Semones 
PS the new Sister in the Vietnamese program reminds me of Quincey like mannerisms humor and everything. I miss that friend of mine! Can't believe she's done soon!!! Quincey: Keep it up you role model of mine! 

 Sister Sheffield - Cat Shirts
 Sister Cheney

Sister Xiong

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