Week 50 - Love the People

3:21 PM

Hi family and friends, 
I unfortunately was still sick this week, but we did get a chance to get out and teach some. Things were pretty normal this week. We did get a new investigator yesterday.  Her name is Hoang. She's a granddaughter of a returning less active (Ming Nari), and this less active is awesome. She has been coming to church all three hours sharing her testimony with her family and making them have family prayer too. She's also sick and asked for a priesthood blessing last week. In it it said she'd have the strength to carry out her purpose which is to help her family receive the gospel. She helped teach the plan of salvation to her granddaughter and really poured out her heart how much she wants this for her family. Hoang is still young, 14, but maybe something in what we or her grandma says will help her feel the spirit and what this gospel for herself. 

Our Less actives are doing well. Some have dropped off again and others have picked up instead. But I'm still really impressed by them. They still have good hearts and a desire to do what's right.
They just need to recommit; I know they'll come back.  

Also everyone who has served a mission says the part they miss the most are the people. This week I was thinking about Cambodians in general and the positive attributes they have as a people. 
So here are somethings from my list:

They are really giving. Even if they have little or don't know you at all, they love to give. Give food give clothes whatever. I've been given mangoes, jack fruit, all types of fruit really, Krispy Kreme’s, skirts, jewelry. They just love to give. It's really sweet and humbling.

Cambodians are really good at taking advice. I've notice when Khmer people correct each other they don't get defensive or offended. They just try to do it again. 

They're welcoming. When we contact, often people will pull up chairs for us even though they have no idea who we are. I've never had a super negative experience with contacting. Obviously people still reject and ignore us but I've never encountered anything really rude.  

Okay so those are just somethings I really admire about Cambodians.

Hope everyone has a good week, enjoy the summer!

Love Sister Semones

Also Happy Bday Grace!

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