Week 49 - Beautiful Cambodia

8:45 AM

Hi family and friends. This week was busy and slow at the same time aka I've been
sick all week, but we had a general authority come for a mission tour, and I went on an exchange with Sister Schwab ( a sister who started with me). Also I'm sad to say the sister I was helping with last week went home; the doctor felt it was best for her safety. 

Wednesday the missionaries in Phnom Penh got together and we heard Elder and Sister Wong speak. They talked about how to be better missionaries. (I left my notes at home so maybe I'll write more about that next week) President Christensen talked about Repentance and Sister Christensen talked about Temples, covenants, and family history work. It was good! 

Friday we had Zone training. Our zone leaders taught about how God is preparing people for us right now and how we need to have faith to find them. It was a good pep talk considering we haven't had any investigators in this area. Sister Schwab talked about how to be  a consecrated missionary two points I need to work on is negativity and pride mostly in my head. 

After Sister Schwab and I started our exchange! It was so great! I loved meeting her less actives and her RC. It was a good change of pace. She is such a great missionary, so sweet and loving! Truly a great example! I also saw this investigator I taught while on exchange with Sister Larsen. She was so good, and we were so excited to see each other! The best part is she got baptized this weekend! Even though I'd only met her once I just felt so excited for her and so much love for her. When we got back to the apartment we had so much fun we made a ton of American food and bought Oreo cheesecake as well. It was also fun to catch up with Sister Nguyen and xiong. The next morning we went and did service and ate banh chiev (its like a Khmer crepe). 
Sunday was normal. We had a lot of LAs at church which was great! Also i got a priesthood blessing cause my sickness was dragging on for too long and it instantly helped me out, I'm still a little weak today but nothing else. So just to be clear I believe in priesthood power. I know it's the same power Christ held when he healed the sick.

Okay hope you guys have a great week! love you all and to my cousins: stop growing! Also shout out to my cousin Calvin for reaching his year mark!!!

Pat and Kate I just want to let you know that the cheesecake was real cheesecake!!!!  LOL!

Love, Sister Semones
Eating American Food!!!! w/ Sister Nguyen and Schwab!

Oh so good!

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