Week 16 - Kampung Cham

2:48 PM

Hi family and friends!!!
Sorry, I forgot to bring my journal today, so this letter might be short.
Let's see... Oon Kaa's still making progress! So people here have a really hard time understanding and remembering lessons especially lesson one. Anyways, Oon Kaa was confused about who Joseph Smith was and what he did. I guess she was getting him confused with John the Baptist (why? I have no idea). But we decided to show her The Restoration video. Some of the Young Women in branch three wanted to come and help us teach. We all watched the video and shared our testimony at the end. It was a great experience and has helped Oon Kaa progress way more than she was before. She understands things more clearly now like what Joseph Smith experienced, baptism by priesthood authority and other concepts. She is definitely more open minded in our lessons as well. Also last Sunday, Oon Kaa couldn't find a ride to church and I was worried about yesterday. But her sister and she came in late; I was super excited!  We're still trying to get her Mom to come. They had to leave during Relief Society but Oon Kaa gave us both a big hug, which I thought was really sweet because I think she knows now that we really care about her.

Hoang (the 10 year old daughter of our recent convert) was interviewed this week. Her baptism is on Sunday! I love her; she is so cute. I sent a picture of her a couple weeks ago. 
Our district did service on Friday; we went and moved wood for a family. It was the heaviest wood you could imagine. I took about four of us to lift one plank. 
As far as studies go this week, I’ve been working on the attribute of Faith in Christ. I really like what the Bible Dictionary said: The Lord has revealed Himself and His perfect character, possessing in their fulness all the attributes of love, knowledge, justice, mercy, unchangeableness, power and every other needful thing, so as to enable the mind of man to place confidence in Him without reservation. 
I ponderized this during the week. I know it's not a verse but I think it's powerful! We can place full confidence in him without reservation. I feel like when I read this I can feel him close to me and I know he's there for my investigators and everyone else as well.
Okay sorry for the short email but I love you all miss you!
Sister Semones

This is Hoang!  What a cutie!
 Our district service project moving HEAVY planks!
 Our district (Elder Hall, Elder Hall, Elder Ros, Elder Slaven, Sister Harris, Sister Rain, Sister Kimball and me, Sister Semones.....we love to serve.
 I made the best fresh pico.... so sad I had to use potato chips.... no tortilla chips.
This is a great story!  We love Om Chan Tan!  She loves to laugh and when Sister Harris was doping her..... there was a big fall and lots of laughter. 

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