Week 15 - Kampung Cham - I can plant RICE! pictures in the previous 3 posts

8:53 AM

Hi family and friends, 
I unfortunately don't have a ton of time today and I used most of my time to upload pictures! (I have to upload them one by one) but this week was fun! 
Last Monday,  we climbed a tower on the other side of the river. It was steep and kinda sketchy but it was worth the climb; the view was beautiful! 
Friday was also a blast! We took a barge to an island in our area and we............ PLANTED RICE!!! They told me I planted rice very nicely; Its harder than it looks; so I took it as a big compliment. I guess my asian genes helped me out a little or maybe I just have pure talent, who knows?  
As far as the work goes we are currently juggling 8 investigators and a long list of potential investigators (return appointments) so that's good.  The hard part is getting people to progress. It is literally up and down with investigators. We have really good day and the next not so great. ex: we had three investigators come to a baptism (which never happens, you can hardly get members to go) progress!  On Sunday none of them came to church. We were hoping 5 would come and only one did, so good for her!  
Also we had our less active we work with all the time come back, so that was good! But really it's up and down, one minute a return appointment falls through then you find a new potential investigator etc. Also this week, we got transfer calls! I was nervous they'd take Sister Harris away cause she's been in Kampung Cham for 4 transfers already, meaning I'd have to lead 2 areas. Luckily she's staying for another (which is different cause 5 transfers in 1 area is rare, and she has to whitewash train next transfer). But all in all I'm glad I will not have to stare at maps to find people 's homes.  We all know I stink with remembering how to get places (Mom and Rachel) so now I'll have another 6 weeks to memorize. Sadly sister Sheffield is leaving which I am so sad about! She's great, but we are getting Sister Kimball ( the sister we did an exchange with). Anyways the week was fun and hopefully this week will be even better! love and miss you guys! 
love Kendall 
fyi: whitewash- when both missionaries in the companionship are new to an area meaning they have to rely on maps to find places 
oh also I ate a tofu chaa this week it was way good! 
in a skillet with oil add minced garlic, add tofu, add beansprouts and green onion as well, add oyster sauce, msg....(yikes) (chicken powder), and sugar and salt 
healthy? no. delicious? yes seriously you guys should all try it and make sure NOT to buy stinky tof

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