Week 15 - Kampung Cham - planting rice (PICTURES)

8:42 AM

Last Friday, Sister Harris, Elder Hunt, Elder Ross and I  took a barge to the island to plant RICE!  The first pictures are before we started.  We have to wear long sleeves because of sunburn and a scarf to wipe up the sweat.  Being able to Asian squat comes in handy.  You plant rice in stages.  The people told me I plant rice nicely, so I guess I was born to be a rice planter.  This was hard work but I enjoyed it. 
 On the barge!  Sister Harris and Sister Semones
 Elder Ross, Hunt, Sister Harris and Sister Semones
Pulling the rice for the next stage.
 Pulling the rice!
 In the mud fields, it is a straight up mud pit.  You sink down about a foot.

 We worked hard today!

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