Week 3 - not much time!

6:59 PM

K so this week!

Thanks for the Swedish fish and thank you Karen and Matt and kids for the chips salsa they saved me (ha-ha) the cookies were great too, but the letters made my day that was the best part!!!

This week has been awesome!!! Not really any downs this week weeee! 
The highlight of my week was one of our lessons. I’ll try and explain it the best I can. 

So on Monday we started teaching Ming (really it’s our teacher) she was not paying attention during the lesson and really wouldn’t participate in any way. We even asked her what can we do to help you and she bluntly said nothing.... awk, so we left pretty bummed out. The next day during my personal study I was reading in Alma. The people of Ammonihah kicked him out and he was about to leave when an angel told him to turn back and he faithfully listened. The part that struck a chord with me though is that it said "... he entered the city by another way". The spirit spoke to me at that moment and all of these ideas came flooding to my mind. I realized we needed to take a different approach with Ming. The thought to show pictures and share songs came to my mind. The song thing didn’t work out but something better came along. The spirit planted another thought in my mind to create an activity for her. We wrote + and - attributes and feelings on a piece of paper and wanted to ask her to circle which ones she desired. We then planned on explaining how Christ was Heavenly Father's Son, he is perfect, and he had all these attributes she desired. We explained how we too are children of a loving Heavenly Father and that with the Savior’s help we could become like him. Right before the lesson Sister Loftus had the impression to write the words in Romani so we could pronounce the words for her if she couldn’t read script. When we soon found out that was inspiration from the spirit because she couldn’t read script (practically 1/2 of their people can’t read their own script). The lesson that the spirit helped us put together was spot on and it went great!!!!!! We also taught her how to pray. Our first lesson she wouldn’t pray with us she'd only watch because she's Buddhist. That lesson we re-explained God and Christ and explained how prayer is one of the first steps to becoming like Christ. We invited her to pray and she refused again. The spirit told me to share my testimony of prayer, so I did! We invited her again and she said, yes! We walked her through it like a little child and the spirit was so strong! I know that Heavenly Father cares about everyone, missionaries, investigators, Cambodians, Americans etc. I know he sent us help through the Holy Ghost and that reading the BOOK OF MORMON helped us receive revelation. I’m glad we had this experience at the beginning of the week. It had really helped us with our later lessons as well. 

Other updates -

We started to learn script! I LOVE IT!!!!!  It’s like a puzzle it’s a lot of fun and I’m pretty good at it (I mean for learning stuff in one class period hahah) I’m sure I’d be stressed more if I was under a time crunch like trying to read a scripture to someone or something but so far it’s fun. 

No word on Sister Mon’s visa.  Sadly! I feel so bad it’s really getting her down but she's a trooper!!!

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